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In our crazy, hectic technologically driven society it can be easy to forget what is really important....like family, friends, faith, tradition and kindness. 

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Today we may have more ways to communicate but less real communication.  It may be more convenient to send an email but reading something on a screen is just not the same.

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What makes Gifted Quotes different from the mass produced merchandise we all see every day is that each one of our designs is a thoughtfully created, handcrafted note of encouragement inspired by some of history's most thoughtful people!

Every Gifted Quote~ Note of Encouragement is designed to be somehow distinctive. Some have moving parts, Swarovski beads or crystals, ribbons...something that makes it truly unique. And each Gifted Quote comes with an adhesive backing making it easy to display anywhere you want to brighten up your day and inspire someone. 

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Our handcrafted Notes of Encouragement are the perfect way to show someone you care! 


Gifted Quotes

Where words fail, music speaks...

And as you peruse our website I would like to leave you with one final thought, which may be the most important one of all... 

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

~Ian Macclaren

And remember, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous!"

~Albert Einstein

And like Richard Carlson said "Don't sweat the small stuff.

P.S. It's ALL small stuff!"


And always remember what Dr. Mike Bechtle says, "People can't drive you crazy if you don't give them the keys!" 

At Gifted Quotes we are dedicated to spreading encouragement and compassion.