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GQ31 Dove~Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi.



GQ 41~ Ohana's House


GQ 19~ Lao Tzu's Kite

Robert Frost wrote once that "Home is the place that when you go there, they have to take you in." Mr. Frost may have a valid point but we all know that not everyone is blessed with a family like that. However, it is not always those related to us by blood that we consider family but often those people we've managed to pick up along our way that we keep close to us.










Family should be about more than your family tree, it should be about spending time with people you care about.  

GQ58 Compass.JPG

GQ 58~ Tolkien's Compass

Or those who have helped you when you've needed a friend...

GQ7 Flower.JPG

GQ 7~ Reagan's Flower

And those who have taught you important lessons about life...

GQ84 Crown.JPG

GQ 84~ The Golden Rule


GQ 96~ Lincoln's Dragon 

GQ 130~ Dance


GQ 126~ Aesop's Lion

Such as teachers... whom Jim Henson brilliantly defines...


GQ 6~ Henson Teaches


GQ 10~ Einstein's Abacus w/Swarovski crystal beads


GQ 4~ Confucius's Owl 

GQ4 Owl~ Owls are thought to be wise and this quote from Confucius is definitely that.

And friends who will stand by you, no matter what!


GQ 102~ Thoreau's Ocean w/Swarovski crystals

GQ3~President's Tiara

GQ 3~ President's Tiara

GQ104~E.B. White's Cobweb

GQ 104~ E.B. White's Cobweb w/ sterling silver spider charm

GQ18~ Fulghums Tree

GQ 18~ Fulghum's Tree, with Swarovski Crystals

GQ90~ Oppossum. Abraham Lincoln Quote

GQ90 ~ Oppossum, with Swarovski Crystals

GQ9~ Bee Yourself! Oscar Wilde quote

GQ9 ~ Bee Yourself! Oscar Wilde quote

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