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Whether you like or hate President Trump, lean left or right on the political spectrum or don't pay attention to politics at all, unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you can't deny that our Republic has changed considerably over the last few years. And NOT necessarily for the better. 

And you also have to admit that peoples' trust in the media, especially the main stream media has waned considerably and rightly so.  I believe that the days of passive American citizens blindly believing whatever the major television networks tell them to believe has long since passed. 

Today, more than ever, it is obvious that in order to be truly informed, citizens must conduct their own research and delve deeper into the issues that Americans face every day. 

The days of an apathetic citizenry are long gone. Unless a country's citizens are fully informed they cannot claim to be truly free.

That being said, in order to be fully informed, people must put aside old beliefs and stereotypes and be willing to approach new ideas with an open mind and be willing to consider others' points of view. 

Cognitive dissonance can often be difficult and uncomfortable

to break out of but in order for our Republic to survive we must be willing to do so, as uncomfortable as that may be for us.  


Here are some alternate news resources for you to check out.  Keep in mind, that I am merely presenting you with some links to look into yourself. It is up to you to conduct your own research and come up with your own conclusions.

Edge of Wonder

Corey's Digs

Gateway Pundit


Daily Caller

Daily Wire

X22 Report


Judicial Watch

Project Veritas

James Red Pills America

Underground Railroad

The Conservative  Treehouse

The U.S. Department of Justice 

And I strongly suggest everyone go to and watch their documentary


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