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The Golden Rule

Of course everyone has their own thoughts on religion and faith, but pretty much every study that has ever been published has found that the vast majority of people believe in some sort of God or higher being...

And we all grew up hearing about "The Golden Rule" (or we should have anyway) and for most of us at the time it was probably just One more thing that adults said to us to try to get us to make wise decisions, but often probably went in one ear and right out the other without a lot of thought about what they actually were trying to teach us.  

But then we get older and, hopefully at least, a little bit wiser and we start to reflect on our childhoods and realize that perhaps all of those things that adults tried to teach us when we were children actually might have some merit. 

Look below to see what we mean...
So it kind of  makes you wonder...Is "The Golden Rule" just a nice saying or is there more to it? 

Divine Coincidence?

I had to add this Golden Rule too, just because it's funny and often very true...

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