Our Story

Gifted Quotes began when I used to put little notes in my daughter's lunchbox. You know...like Have a Great Day! or Good Luck on your test!  When she got into Middle School it wasn't "cool" to have these notes from your mom in your lunch or backpack anymore.


So I started leaving them on her mirror or on her bedroom door so she would see it when she woke up in the morning. And then they started to grow and they got bigger and after a while her bedroom wall was covered in all of these  little notes of encouragement. Then her friends saw all these notes I had made for her on her wall so I started making notes for them too! I started thinking about it and realized that everyone could use some encouragement. 


Life can be tough  and we all face our own challenges every day but sometimes just one small act of kindness can make everything a little better.

Kindness does still matter.

With over FIFTY different designs and more being added every day, there is something for everyone!!


GQ81~Castle.  Forget the prince, Rescue Yourself!! 

Gifted Quotes

Because Kindness Still Matters